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The Hack Green WebSDR is a great way to listen to radio hams online. It’s really useful if you’re unable to erect HF aerials at home. The SDR is really easy to operate and allows users to listen to any of the amateur bands. It covers 160M (Topband) all the way to 17Meters.

There is also a VHF SDR at Hack Green that covers 70cm, 2m, 4m and 10 meters.


Hack Green WebSDR Screen print

When you access the webpage, it brings you to a frequency on 160M (1910 KHz) but this is easily changed. To the left of the screen, below the waterfall, there the a series of buttons to adjust the band. You can also use +/- keys to adjust the frequency. You’ll probably find, on a PC, that the easiest way to adjust the frequency is to click on the centre of the yellow curser and drag it left or right to tune.

Another great feature of the Hack Green WebSdr is the ability to see what bands and frequencies people are tuned in to. You can see the radio activity on all of the bands and can usually work out where best to listen out.

You can also see a list of radio amateurs who are listening.

Hack Green WebSDR – How does it work

SDR stands for Software-defined radio and is essentially a computer controlled electronic device connected at a radio aerial. The received signals are converted into sound just like a conventional radio receiver.

A WebSDR is one that’s connected to the internet. It allows multiple users to access it and they can all control control their own virtual receivers.

You can find a list of WebSDRs at http://websdr.org

Monitoring Hubnet

If there’s not much to listen to on the HF WebSDR, I tend to switch over to the VHF/UHF WebSDR. There’s a fair amount of traffic on the 70cms repeaters. One of them appears to be linked to Hubnet, it’s on 433.150MHz..

If you want to listen to radio hams around the world, give the Hack Green WebSDR a try.

Andy – G7MJV

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